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Who we work with

Internationally and domestically we support the commercial aviation, space, defense, medical, energy and automotive industries with our TIG  welding and complex multi axis CNC machining operations. Our core focus is on flight critical hardware / critical safety item parts and components in aerospace and medical applications, fixturing and work holding, engine block, turbine and compressor blade manufacturing. 

We partnered with several nonprofit and educational facilities to  assist with closing the education and skill gap. We also informing students about the current technology, processes, and tools that are currently being used in the industry to best prepare them for their manufacturing career. 

Locally we work with machine shops and manufacturing facilities to support their operations. We work with engineering and trade schools, to inspire and advise the individuals who are beginning their career in manufacturing. We partnered with workforce development to train anyone who is unemployed in the skill TIG welding and CNC machining. We partnered with the Indiana Defense Network and Procurement Tactical Assistance Center (PTAC) to support US Defense manufacturing. Partnering with Conexus and Pivot Manufacturing has offered a unique avenue for us to network and grow our knowledge in the manufacturing community. The Department of Economic Development has been instrumental for us to learn how we can best grow our city locally. 


NATO / Department of Defense / United States Government, please see our "government" page. 

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