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Our Team

I am pleased to introduce the team of Nexos Avian along with their roles, responsibilities and contributions.

- Nathan Nowak, Director of Operations 


Caleb White

 Weld Process Owner

TIG Welder 

Caleb is responsible to oversee and manage all welding operations at Nexos Avian.

Still active as an Aerospace welder, Caleb excels at training, education, and providing real world experience to our welders and welder training. Through Caleb's weld career he has gained experience in a variety of AMS materials.   

Caleb's calling is to help who he can, when he can, when he can, with that philosophy he brings fresh ideas when it comes to education and skill development. 


Nathan Nowak

 Director of Operations 

Nathan is responsible to oversee all operations at Nexos Avian.

His vision for Nexos is to help close the education and training gaps, enhance the skill set of our employees, customers, vendors, and community.

Originally training to be a commercial pilot, he worked in the manufacturing industry and saw potential for growth along with opportunities to solve problems.


Deb White


TIG Welder 

Deb is responsible for conducting our audits and maintaining our certifications. Prior to her training in our quality department she wanted to be trained and certified as a welder so she may have an accurate and foundational understanding of the welding process. 

Her attention to detail and the quality of her work speaks to her commitment to excellence, and ability to learn rapidly helps our team run effectively


Daniel Hurley

TIG Welder

Daniel brings a creative and thoughtful approach to our welding team. 


His ambition and desire to continually improve the product, process, and knowledge is extremely valuable to our ability to operate effectively. He is also one of our weld trainers and shares his love and knowledge for welding with everyone he trains. 

Greg Lutz

TIG Welder 

Greg has had an interesting background working manufacturing throughout his career. After being laid off from his previous employer he contacted us and inquired about going back to school to learn a skill. 

Having known Greg for years, seeing his enthusiasm and excitement to learn. Knowing the character, talent, approach, and level of detail he displays we immediately welcomed him to the team. 

Gabrielle Kirkham

TIG Welder 

Gabrielle had a calling to enter into a trade. After introducing her welding, she demonstrated an immediate comfortableness and talent. Her excitement, attention to detail and creativity make her an excellent welder.  She continually pushes herself to grow her skill and knowledge. The character and quality of work she added to the team adds to the strength of the team as a whole.  

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