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Our process approach

Externally: Our approach with customers, clients, educational institutions, and manufacturing facilities is to support and grow their people, capabilities, customers, and skill levels when we can. We believe effective communication, understanding and education is critical when working on production parts and components, research and development, prototyping, or consulting. We want to understand the problem(s) our customers are facing along with the product application, potential and known risks or hazards associated with the product, along with any production challenges that is being faced.


When consulting or training, we first discuss with top leadership to understand what the overall goal or challenge we and they are facing. Once we have talked with leadership we communicate with management and employee(s) to understand how the proposed change will affect their process / product. Once the goal and any concerns have been identified, we will develop training, processes, and procedures to ensure the integrity of the part or project.


Internally: From quote to post-delivery activities, we designed and continually improve our processes and procedures to ensure all customer requirements are understood, communicated, and met.


Our employees are cross trained as CNC machinists and certified Class A TIG welders. This allows us to operate efficiently and effectively to ensure order requirements are fulfilled.


Preventative maintenance is critical to our operations, equipment, tooling, fixtures, welders, and C.N.C machines undergoes routine maintenance. This ensures our equipment is operational, accurately functional and reduces any potential downtime caused by unforeseen problems or events.


We adopted a lean manufacturing approach, this allows us to reduce operational and inventory costs, while maintaining a clean and organized work environment. A lean manufacturing approach consists of minimizing waste (not value added to our processes, product, and customer) while maximizing productivity.

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