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Our History

The start of Nexos Avian

After a deal fell through to purchase a former employers C.N.C machine shop, it was time to start fresh. From that experience we learned many lessons on how and how not to run a business along with how to interact with customers and clients.


When we see potential and room for improvement, we believe it is our responsibility to cultivate and grow that potential, everyone at Nexos Avian shares this deep-rooted value. We were prepared with the lessons and knowledge we learned previously, and we had a fundamental understanding of what to do and more importantly, what not to do when building Nexos Avian. 

We started in a 448 square foot room, with one welder and a C.N.C machine on order, with no machining customers. Caleb and Nathan started developing the weld side of the business by starting to the process to work with General Electric Aviation. 

Within 14 months we were prepared to bid on defense contracts and weld for the aerospace industry. We also partnered with local business and educational institutions to train and educate the community. 

We look forward to continued growth with our customers, suppliers and partners. 

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