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Services - Machining

Our machining departments core focus is on complex multi-axis, high (up to 8,400,000 pieces per year) / low volume production machining, research / development parts and components, along with critical safety item machining of castings and bar stock material. We have a rich history working with Aerospace Material (AMS) and non – aerospace materials, including, but not limited to titanium, nickel / cobalt, Inconel, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and a variety of plastics.


For each product we research, utilize, and implement the latest technology and knowledge for each step of our machining process. We use the best suited cutting tools, tool holders and work holding (fixturing) while developing the necessary processes / establishing clearly defined and documented procedures to ensure product safety, conformity and consistency. Utilizing the best applied tools, equipment, and procedures reduces product and manufacturing costs along with processing time.


Aside from production machining, we manufacture fixtures, work holding parts and components. We work with machine shops to assist in their product and contract delivery. At times we train and educate manufacturing facilities, and develop secondary processes to support their production processes.

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