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Education - Progression - Creative Inspiration


1) To share the experience of flight internationally in the General Aviation communities with individuals who have never had the opportunity to experience flight, focused on developing nations. 

2) To educate and inspire individuals internationally in Aviation and Space career fields, including but not limited to pilots, engineers, mechanics, leadership, and management roles and responsibilities. 

3) Support, enhance, refine and grow  the United States Commercial and General Aviation, Space communities to assist the career placement for individuals and businesses that have a calling for the industry. 

How to help: 

1) The sale of all honey and maple syrup marked with the NEXOS - Flight QR code goes directly to the foundation. 

2) Monetary donations support flight training, visa applications, and career shadowing / placement. 

3) Share your business / organization and career to allow for career shadowing. 

4) Open your flight school and share the gift of aviation with the world. 

Contact Nathan Nowak.


While traveling in Lebanon every individual I met I asked what their dream was, everyone from aged six years old to sixty seven years old unanimously expressed they wished to be a pilot or experience flight one day. 

On the return trips to Lebanon, my bags were packed with small toy airplanes that I would hand out to everyone I met and would meet that would express interest in aviation. When I handed them all the toy plan I reminded them to keep their dream alive and that I would do what I could to make their dream a reality. 

Upon returning back to the United States, taking inventory of the resources and connections I have made through the years, I understood my calling was to share the love of aviation and the career fields that are available in the Aerospace industry. 

Our relationships:

We partnered with International and Domestic business, flight schools,  individuals, industries, firms, customer and clients to share the love of aviation and cultivate the interest in the aerospace career field. 



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